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So now what? How about Lightroom presets!

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The goal at Heirloom Presets is to provide resources that will create stunning images, develop a signature style, and help edit with ease. Here you'll find tips and tricks about ALL things editing, as well as feature some amazing photographers.

Hi, I'm marcie

Say what? How did I decide to offer Lightroom presets and other digital products that photographers need? Let me tell you…

Right now we are in the middle of a pandemic. The horrible coronavirus is completely ruining our lifestyles, our businesses, and worst of all, taking lives. We haven’t personally experienced medical problems, as nobody in our family has been sick, but the biggest effect on our household has been the near ruin of my private photo editing business

This pandemic happened at probably the worst possible time for my seasonal business. I am having to rely on whether the government will allow large groups of people to gather for weddings. Then, in turn, my clients send me weddings to edit.

The biggest issue is that when stay at home orders happened everyone immediately panicked (rightfully so!). However, this meant that weddings, even through the fall of 2020, were getting rescheduled or cancelled as fast as possible. Most have been pushed back 4-8 months, but some went a year out into 2021. So even if the government starts allowing large events, I am out of luck for a while.

Ok. Now don’t worry I’m done with the sort of depressing part 🙂

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This loss of work and stay-at-home situation has actually allowed me the time to PIVOT into other products!

You know when you have those projects and lists of wishes and ideas and possibilities for the future? This is my future. I want to get Lightroom presets that up-level your images into your hands as well as education that really dives into mastering those essential skills, which in turn allows you to deliver epic photos to your clients! I’m ready to be your go-to gal for all your Lightroom questions and editing struggles. 

If you are a wedding photographer waiting for events to be allowed again, this is a perfect time to refine your editing and workflow.

If you are just getting started with your photography business, there is no better time than now to learn how to master Lightroom and develop those editing skills, while we figure out this social distancing thing.

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I’m excited for what’s to come and I can’t wait to get to know you! Please reach out if you need help or just want to chat. Email or DM me on Instagram @heirloompresets!

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