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Bridging the gap between film and digital.

Film inspired style for your digital photos with consistent, easy-to-use Lightroom presets & profiles.

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You don't have to dread EDITING.

It's time you finally found presets that work with you.

Editing can become fun again!  Finding a preset that works like a dream can be hard, but working with Heirloom presets will give you flexibility to create a fine art film style and customize them as much as you need. You can stop yelling at your computer screen in frustration and get back to actually enjoying your work!  


what people are saying

tanya menoni

"Anything that makes editing faster and easier is a win in my book!"

They are amazing! They require very little tweaking and it's incredible how easily they match up with my film scans. I edited the digital portion of an engagement session before the film came in, and I was so happy to see how close the colors and tones were to my film. Anything that makes editing faster and easier is a win in my book!

what people are saying

"Not only are the colors and tones flawless, my editing time has decreased significantly."

Heirloom presets have been everything I've hoped for in a preset collection. This amazing tool has helped me edit my photographs in the most beautiful way and I couldn't be happier with my digital work since using them. Not only are the colors and tones flawless, my editing time has decreased significantly. I cannot believe how easily I am able to match my digital work to my film now. Huge game changer for me and my workflow. I highly recommend them!

shauna veasey photography


"They are the closest to a one click edit that I have ever found."

The Heirloom Presets are phenomenal. They are the closest to a one click edit that I've ever found. Marcie has so many customizations within the presets so making adjustments is a breeze. I am a hybrid shooter and these compliment my film so well. I am so excited about these. Thanks Marcie!!!

jenny jean photography

Heirloom Presets will...

save you 1,739 hours behind your computer screen ;)

compliment your film scans beautifully...

give you a new simple and sleek workflow...

reduce the need for endless presets and endless tweaking...

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Hi! I'm so glad you dropped by Heirloom Presets today!

During my time as a private photo editor for the past 5 years, and many wedding photographer years as well, I often felt frustrated with the Lightroom presets and editing tools available when I was trying to achieve a film look (or match film scans). 

While more preset companies have been developed over this time, I still couldn't quite find the right ones that required very little tweaking. So I decided to start working on my own! Why not?

After many creating and testing hours (seriously, a lot), I'm so excited to offer them to film inspired photographers everywhere.

Collection I has a soft, ethereal feel with Fuji-like tones but is flexible to work with your specific style. Can't wait for you to see! 

(Film scan)


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The Consistent Editing Roadmap

Consistency in your editing style is often a difficult task to achieve. Here is your step by step roadmap to nailing consistent, cohesive editing with a film style.

Bridge the Gap Between Film and Digital.

Heirloom Presets are a GAME CHANGER!

"My photos finally look exactly the way I want them to. Thank you Marcie for blessing us photographers with literal MAGIC."

- Kylee

i'm gushing over these heirloom preset images

"I’m so pleased with how well these work with my images..... THANK YOU for creating these!!!"

- Chasity

took me like two minutes! I'm obsessed!

"MARCIE. Thank you so much for these. Seriously. They are incredible and I’m so thankful!!"

- Abigail

closest i've ever used to a one click edit

"I wanted to let you know I just purchased your presets and they are FANTASTIC. The closest I’ve ever used to a “one click edit."

- Megan

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