AI Technology is spreading through industries like wildfire as we come up with new ways to utilize this really helpful tool. We need to be cautious and selective so we don't "over edit" unnaturally, but it's a waste to not use some amazing tools in the best way possible. Get your hands on this toolkit today no matter what your main editing preset or style is!

This exciting Lightroom AI toolkit will help you quickly polish up your images. Gone are the days of manually brushing on edits. Your workflow just went from 0-60 in no time!

watch the toolkit in action

Watch The Toolkit in Action

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bokeh background
Smooth hair

brighten background
brighten subject
correct haze people
save enhance sky
save highlights people

cool background
correct blue cast clothes
correct orange skin
warm people
warm subject

brush- correct haze
brush- sharpen


Heirloom AI Toolkit will include masking tools for retouching, lighting, and color as well as brushes if you have specific areas you need fixed. The strength of each tool can be adjusted to your preference with the amount slider.

The masks can be synced across images and Lightroom will use its fancy AI technology to render them individually on each image! However I don't recommend syncing brushwork.

*If tools are added or modified you will always receive the updates! The toolkit is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic version 12.3 or later.

Heirloom AI Toolkit

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Toolkit always includes:

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tools used:

smooth hair
brighten background
brighten subject
correct orange skin

time spent: 7 seconds

hover for before & after

watch the before & after

heirloom one seen in:

- michayla

We took them in this beautiful church but there wasn't great lighting so the background looked orange. I used the 'Cool Background' on all of them and it brought life back into the photos. Plus it only took me 2 seconds to do for each photo!!"

"I've been using the AI toolkit and it basically saved the family photos from my latest wedding!

add to cart   $37

you need this, don't you?

tool used:
time spent: 2 seconds

tool used: Retouch
time spent: 2 seconds

tool used:
bokeh background
time spent: 2 seconds

tool used: bokeh background
time spent: 2 seconds

hover for before & after

watch the before & after

Subtle changes make all the difference.

juno photography
kelli & daniel
tanya menoni

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