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These Lightroom AI Tools Will Change Your Photo Editing

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Lightroom is sure making it easier to edit these days! I’m talking about one specific AI tool that massively changes your ability to make more detailed edits without losing time. Whether you are dragging your feet with the AI debate or jumping straight in, hopefully this will give you a few reasons why you should be loving AI.

Check out the video below to see it in action or read on about some of the highlights.

Advancements in AI technology are sometimes scary to me, but editing has become easier and more creative. Lightroom has integrated some really awesome AI tools for masking that makes the process much simpler.

Masking allows you to select a certain area of your image and make adjustments to it without affecting the rest of the image. The masking choices are brush, linear gradient, radial gradient, color/luminance/depth range, and then some new AI options. They are subject, sky, background, and objects. And then a cool new section called People. 

To use the masking tool, you need to select the area of your image that you want to edit. You can do this by using a brush or one of the AI options. If the tool doesn’t select the area you want to edit, you can add or subtract from the selection. Once you have your area highlighted, you can make adjustments to it, such as making it lighter or darker, cooler or warmer, or adjusting the contrast, saturation, or clarity, among others.

bride and groom exit reception
bride and groom exit reception

One of the great features of the masking tool is that you can invert your selection, which means that you can make adjustments to everything except the area you have selected. This is useful if you want to change the background of your image or adjust the colors of everything except the subject.

These Lightroom masking tools are a game-changer in Lightroom editing, and makes it easier to not have to leave Lightroom. Not as much Photoshop work is needed. 

You don’t need to be scared of AI and it’s not here to replace your creativity! But if you let it assist you, it will make your editing process more efficient and effective. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, the masking tool is an excellent addition to your editing toolkit.

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Photos: Elisabeth Carol

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